FTP Server

The code can be found and downloaded here

On this project I worked with my partner Jacob Cassity to implement a FTP server using the socket interface in python. I worked on the file, we successfully got files to transfer in most cases.

To run this code on your machine you will need to clone the .py files, in the you will need to set the host to be your machine's IP address, in the when you run the code it will prompt you for the IP of the server, which will be this same IP. To run these you will need python installed on your machine and to run these scripts, for a mac you will open your terminal and do python [scriptName] on each file. For windows you will in your command prompt type the location of your python.exe then the location where you downloaded the script.

This project was interesting as it was my first time transferring data between two hosts without using a HTTP connection, it also gave us an opportunity to try out something a bit more low level. We also experimented with basic authentication but it really just validates an email was sent.